Delivery of large quantities of equipment under time and peak workload pressures

  • The product was released on time for customers
  • 66% budgetary saving to the customer
  • The cargo was delivered on time and without damage
Customer and Business requirements
  • Customer

    A large IT company, supplier of own brand hi-tech equipment

  • Business Requirement
    Delivery of a large batch of time critical equipment, during busy periods, to meet the timely launch of a new product line

450 tons

120 pallets

Not stackable

No more than 10 days
from door to door
Dongguan China → Moscow Russia
Volume equal to 10% of all air cargo capacit from China to Russia
High airline tariffs for dangerous and oversized cargo, due to increased demand
Shipment readiness from the manufacturing plant, in batches, within 6 weeks


Limited load per flight and no guarantee of space availability
What was done?

The WELLGO team assessed all the capabilities and airline offers in the air transportation market:

  • Passenger airlines could not implement the project due to the relatively low load on 1 flight and the lack of a guarantee.
  • Cargo airlines had an increased demand for dangerous, oversized cargo.
  • Since the cargo could not be stacked, loading on cargo flights was inefficient, which negatively affected the tariff and availability of air freight containers.
The solution design involved cargo transport using narrow-body flights from a remote region of China which reduced flight time to Russia.
  • 1
    Development of a multimodal route: delivery by road to a remote region of China to reduce flight time to Russia
  • 2
    Daily volume of shipped goods synchronised with regular flight volume gurantees
  • 3
    Reservation of necessary air cargo capacity on regular flights
  • 66% budgetary saving to the customer
  • The cargo was delivered on time and without damage
  • Transportation was carried out only on regular airline flights
  • The product was released to the market according to the customer timescales
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