TransRussia 2024: the key logistics event of the year

Dozens of meetings with clients and suppliers, new acquaintances, meetings with former colleagues, exchanges of experiences, visiting exhibition business events, appearing as speakers - this is a short list of how the three days of the event went for WELLGO!
“Our goal at TransRussia was to meet new foreign partners and also to meet with existing suppliers, to discuss and expand cooperation. At the exhibition, we met companies offering air transportation of goods from China, Turkey, Mongolia, South Korea, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan. We will continue the dialogue we have begun and look for possible areas of interaction.”

Anna Filippova, Head of Air Freight, WELLGO
Signing of an agreement with ATS, the largest air transport operator from Hong Kong and Thailand. Just one important stage in the formation of a full range of air carriers on Asian routes.
“I went to the exhibition to meet with Russian and foreign partners. We discussed projects, customer requirements, opportunities and ways to implement them. Of particular note was FESCO session on sea transportation - the art of tracking”, where they discussed the development of infrastructure in Africa and Latin America, along with the difficulties of entering these markets.

There were many pleasant meetings with former colleagues who willingly shared information and engaged in dialogue for possible future cooperation. It seems to me that WELLGO has weight in the market, we are valued and trusted, and not only because of the successful cooperation when we were DHL! The logistics market is alive, business is developing!”

Anna Kislyakova, Business Development Manager
A notable highlight for WELLGO was Nikolay Konoplev’s presentation. Nikolay is head of our department for the development of customs activities, and a speaker at the round table organized by the Association of European Businesses. He delivered a bright, concise and energetic presentation on the topic “Moving goods to a customs warehouse: practical problems and solutions”. This was supported by practical examples and recommendations, which aroused genuine interest among the audience. We hope that our advanced view and expert opinion will help businesses build supply chains efficiently and help us acquire new customers.
" AEB brings together real experts. Participation in such events is a great responsibility, because it confirms the status of our company as industry experts. The professionalism of our employees is our difference and competitive advantage. I hope that I proved this with my speech. Feedback from listeners, participation in the discussion and the questions raised from the audience confirmed the interest and attention to our work. We are ready for cooperation!”

Nikolay Konoplev, Head of Customs Development
Like many other participants of TransRussia 2024, WELLGO has a lot of work to do following the exhibition. We are open and ready for new relationships with partners and look into the future with confidence!
TransRussia is the main platform in Russia for meetings of representatives of the transport and logistics industry, exchange of opinions, discussion of current industry problems and ways to solve them. 31,000 visitors, over 580 participants, 185 speakers of a three-day business program: the largest logistics exhibition in Russia for 2024. The exhibition brought together under one roof representatives of leading domestic and foreign logistics companies, rolling stock and infrastructure operators, forwarding and insurance companies. This year, companies from Russia, CIS countries, India, Latvia, the UAE and other countries of the world are participated at the exhibition