WELLGO - official partner and sponsor of the quiz game “Logistics and supply chains” by SCM Elective

WELLGO acted as an official partner of the first intellectual competition on Logistics and Supply Chains for SCM students Elective, which took place on April 5, 2024 at the Russian University of Economics G.V. Plekhanov.
Among the 100 best students from educational institutions of the Russian Federation, 12 teams were selected and fought in an intellectual battle for the right to be called the smartest and most resourceful.
Over the past few years, the importance and prestige of the logistics profession in the economy and society has increased significantly. Today, faculties of transport and logistics are increasingly attracting talented and ambitious students.
Moreover, to be successful in your supply chain career, you must have a broad outlook and knowledge from many areas of the economy, as well as a high level of intelligence and a desire to win. It's nice to know that this game was able to provide participants with valuable experience.
We have received unequivocal confirmation that the future of logistics and supply chains is in the capable hands of young professionals who have proven their abilities in the game. Their creativity, ingenuity and passion deserve the highest praise.
We wish all students to achieve great success in their professional activities and extend an invitation to those wishing to undergo an internship in our company.